Applying for Jobs at Subway: An Easy Guide

Many people want to have a stable career, but not a lot of people understand that you can also have a stable job even when you're working at a restaurant like Subway. 


Subway offers a lot of career opportunities and growth when you work at their stores. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of people are attracted to job opportunities at Subway.

If you want to learn more about applying for jobs at Subway, check out the guide below.

Applying for Jobs at Subway: An Easy Guide
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Subway Careers That You Can Apply

Subway is famous for its fresh sandwiches that are being crafted by its talented employees. 

Applying for Jobs at Subway: An Easy Guide
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But do you know that there is a lot more going on at a Subway store than just an employee who takes your orders and prepares them for you? 


These are the Subway careers that you can apply to today.

Sandwich Artist

The sandwich artist is one of the most crucial members of the entire team. 

They take your orders and build the best sandwich from scratch. They are also responsible for cleaning the store every day of the week. 

Sandwich artists must provide the best customer service from each store.

Store Manager

The store manager is responsible for everything that goes on at a specific store. 

They lead the entire team and provide coaching sessions for each member. 

They also manage any difficult customer and their requests while also helping with employee schedules, preparing their paychecks, and ensuring that every member of the team follows the food safety protocols.

Multi-Unit Manager

The multi-unit manager handles all the stores in an area. 

They are responsible for meeting the performance goals of each store and provide them with feedback on how to achieve that. 

Managers are also responsible for business reviews, hiring, training, and coaching new managers while also carrying out audits for each store.

Subway Employee Benefits

Many applicants are often enticed to find employment opportunities at Subway not only because of the amazing salary but also its wide array of employee benefits. 

Applying for Jobs at Subway: An Easy Guide
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These benefits can help every employee prepare for their financial future and provide them with more options later on.

Free Beverages and Employee Discounts

All Subway employees are entitled to free beverages during their shifts

Some stores even provide food for the employees for free. 

Every employee also has a 50% discount on meals whenever they are out of the shift as well as when they decide to buy one during their shift.

Flexible Schedule

One of the best benefits that Subway provides to their employees is the flexibility in their schedule. 

Anyone who is currently working at Subway who is also studying will truly appreciate the flexible schedules that they offer. 

This means that they can continue to study while also working at Subway and have the proper work-life balance.

Paid Leave

When you've already worked at Subway for a long time, you are entitled to even more benefits like retirement plans and medical insurance. 

One of the most impressive benefits that you can get with your long-term employment at Subway is paid leave. 

You can take your vacation or holidays and still get paid for it.

Applying for Jobs at Subway

Applying for jobs at Subway is rather simple, as many others might think. 

Applying for Jobs at Subway: An Easy Guide
Image Source: Subway Franchise UK

You even have several choices for you to apply for a job that you're interested in. 

You can either submit your application online, or you can head over to the nearest Subway store and submit your application to the manager.

Subway Online Application

If you are interested in applying for a job at Subway, you can always head over to Subway's official website. 

This is highly recommended if you do not want to visit their Subway store to apply. All you need to do is fill out an online application form and wait for them to contact you for an interview. 

Make sure to pass the interview and many other assessments, so you can start your journey at Subway.

Subway Store Application

Another option is to apply directly at a Subway store. 

This is much more convenient for those who are living near a Subway store and would want to have a job. 

Bring your resume with you and ask for the manager. You can inquire about any job openings and apply by submitting your resume.

Standing Out on Your Application

While applying for a job at Subway might be easy, you should know that hundreds of other people are also looking for the same job as you do. 

Applying for Jobs at Subway: An Easy Guide
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Competition is very tough, especially if you're also applying for the same jobs. 

Don't worry, as there are certain things that you can do to stand out during your application. 

Check them out below.

Emphasize the Company Values

Do your research and learn more about the company and its values. 

During the interview, try to emphasize the company values and integrate them into your answers. 

This is where practicing answering interview questions comes in. Learn how to provide your answers that also leave a mark on your interview.

Be Customer-Centric

Since many of the jobs at Subway involve dealing with customers, you need to have a customer-centric attitude. 

You must always put the welfare of the customers first and see how it fits with the work that you do. 

When you make your customer a priority in a healthy and balanced manner, you will become a superstar at the store.

Have an Innovative Mindset

There are a lot of innovative people out there, and if you want to truly excel at your application, make sure that you develop an innovative mindset. 

A mindset that is both creative and imaginative will help you resolve difficult situations faster and make you a very good person to work with.


A job at Subway means that you can have a good amount of income while also enjoying the benefits of working there. This is why many people often look for jobs at Subway to help them realize their future. 

If you are interested in applying for a job at Subway, make sure that you follow the guide above and shine!

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